Coronavirus Tips

The coronavirus has caused havoc all over the world, the whole world has been hit by the coronavirus. The lock has been done all over the world. On the internet, Prithvi is reported to be in a reboot mood.

Many people are taking this virus in a joke and violating government rules. By doing so they are putting themselves and their family at risk.

The government is repeatedly requesting that you stay in your house and keep a distance of 1 meter from each other.

To save yourself from coronavirus always wear a mask on your face make sure this mask is clean. wash your hand after 25 minutes do it as routine.

Never shake your hand with anyone. When you meet with someone say namaste. It can save you from coronavirus.

Make sure you have a bottle of sensitizer in your pocket.

Whenever you go anywhere sensitize your hand. If you do this then you will be safe from coronavirus.

Do not touch anything if it is not necessary. sanitize your mobile as much as you can.

Sanitize your mobile also while washing your hands because we use the mobile phone most from anything in our life.

So if you don't sanitizer our smartphone we get coronavirus.

Eat the things that boost your immunity system. If your immune system is good then coronavirus won't harm you.

Make sure your body is feeling good you don't have any problem like cough maybe it's normal but for confirmation that you won't have any coronavirus stop breathing for at least 1 minute or less than 50 seconds.

If you stop breathing for only 10 seconds and if you do it for 12 seconds you won't do it then you have coronavirus.

if you save yourself that means you save your family and if you save your family that means you save your city and if you're safe your sweetie that menu safe your state if you save your state which means you save your country from coronavirus.

Always follow the instruction given by the doctors in this pandemic. No need to worry about anything if you follow the government orders and enjoy your life.

We salute our doctors who got their life at risk for our treatment. They don't go home and not meet with their family for us. To save our life they sacrifice their life.

There are several ways to avoid coronavirus

1. Stay home as much as possible and do not leave the house without any emergency.

2. Wash your hands with hand wash or sanitizer or soap.

3. Eat green vegetables. Keep your immunity system strong.

4. Avoid going to crowd areas and if you are going anywhere to get food, keep a distance of 1 meter from each person.

5. Try bathing daily and wash your hands with soap every 20:25 minutes.

6. If possible, get your test done whether you have Kovid-19 i.e. Coronavirus

7. Stop your breath for 10 seconds every day and if you have trouble in the lungs by stopping 10 seconds, then go and get your test done immediately.

8. Do not give your mobile phone to anyone to use nor use any person's mobile phone.

9. If you sneeze, use a handkerchief and wash your hands immediately after that.

10. If you live in the house, keep a distance of 1 meter from your family members and will try to make your own food and take care of cleanliness in a complete manner.

11. Drink warm water and use hot water for cooking.

12. Some people secretly sneak into the night and roam the streets with no one watching them, but walking on the street without sounding is the equivalent of calling their own deaths and simultaneously risking the lives of those around them and their families.

13. It is interesting to say that please do not do this one wrong step can be fatal for your family and you.

Havoc of the Coronavirus:

The Coronavirus put many innocent people to death. The most terrible thing is that even there is no cure for Coronavirus. Most of the world's wars are fought with weapons, but this is the first such war in the world which will be fought sitting at home and with the blessings of God, we will win.

 We all have to defeat this virus together. Do you know that the environment is getting clean due to the public down and the ozone layer is recovering? Please stay in your home and stay healthy.

coronavirus is not dead big issue because the death rate of coronavirus is very low and the recovery rate of the patients is very high so no need for much worry.

Just relax focus upon your dreams and within a few days coronavirus will be a natural disease so you don't need to worry about anything just keep calm and chill.

Coronavirus is a pandemic that comes but it also teaches us the lesson to ready yourself because if you don't save the environment then the environment saves himself.

In India Baba Ramdev also known as Swami Ramdev. He invented the coronavirus vaccine with Ayurveda. Soon it is available all over India. Hope it helps people to fight with coronavirus.

Many people are against Swami Ramdev when he launched the coronavirus vaccine. Even Ayush Mantralaya is against Swami Ramdev but after this medicine test, Aayush Mantralay says yes to Swami Ramdev.

Coronavirus disease soon will be a normal disease because our body make start antibodies that mean our body is ready to fight with coronavirus.

New Zealand is one of the nearest countries in the world with no Corona case that is the big achievement for any country in the world because every country wanted no Corona case. If New Zealand does it then other countries also do it. It's not a big deal we all do it.

Covid-19 disease soon to comes to an end and in the future, there is no coronavirus. Many people lost their life due to this disease but in the future, it looks like a normal disease. 

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