The corona virus havoc.

Coronavirus has swallowed the whole world, it seems difficult to come out of it, but because of this a good thing has happened, the environment is starting to clear. Look at the nature of God, humans are locked in homes and animals are roaming freely outside, saying that nature takes its account.

Therefore keep nature clean. Today everyone keeps a distance from each other and tries to stay away from each other so that they do not get coronavirus. People are following social distance.

 Coronavirus havoc in America.

The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world, but the United States of America was not ahead of Covid-19. The coronavirus is the most rapidly spread in the US. At present, the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the whole world is in America itself. People are dying every day in America and their population is increasing. 

Coronavirus thread is increasing day by day it can harm many people. Due to coronavirus, many people lost their life. It is the main reason that the whole world is locked.

Coronavirus symptoms are found all over the world in humans. It is a very dangerous disease. All world people are suffering from this disease and until no waxing is created.

We hope that waxing is available soon so that people start doing their work again. Due to this coronavirus, the main country's GDP is down. 

This virus can eat humans alive. The doctors do their best to save us. Many people suffer from coronavirus but our doctors never give up. 

They always try their best. If only say thanks to them that is not enough. We should not describe the doctor's efforts in the word. The doctor plays a major role to fight with coronavirus. 

The team of doctors does their best. We always thank our police who gave us protection. Even the scientist do their best to try the waxing of coronavirus. 

At this time the result is not in our hands but we will try and we will win. The whole world is facing this issue. especially the country like India and America who has more coronavirus cases. 

We don't know how much time we create coronavirus waxing but there is hope. We should do it because we have no other option left. 

Why did COVID-19 spread so fast in the US-UK?

The only reason for in the US to do so fast is that they took this thing lightly and delayed Lock Dawn. If they had donned folk on time, they would not have to see this day today. Even a country like America has not been able to find a cure for COVID-19. 

All countries have given up on this disease, but this disease will be won not by losing the house, and if you win and want the safety of your family, then follow social distancing and maintain cleanliness.

Now the biggest thing that we are facing is the thread of coronavirus. Our doctors handle the situations but that's not enough to save Corona patient life.

The best thing that we required is the coronavirus vaccine. Please support all the corona warrior with your support they get motivated. 

During coronavirus, the environment looks clean and it can protect many people because they are at home.

To avoid coronavirus please do social distancing. It is the best thing to avoid Corona and save your body from it. 

Coronavirus can kill many peoples but the good thing is the recovery rate of Corona patients it is very high as compared to the death rate.

So here is a tip stop blaming others try to save yourself by your own if you are safe then your family safe and if your family safe then your whole city safe and if your whole city safe then your country safe and if your country was safe that means the whole world is safe. 

Effect of COVID-19 in India.

The population of India is second in the whole world and keeping this in mind and realizing the seriousness of this disease, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought down the public in India on time. That COVID-19rona has a very small population in a country with a large population like India, and this is very good news compared to countries.

 For the people of India, while some countries are thinking about saving their GDP, but India first thinks of saving the lives of its countrymen. Some base thinking people have problems with the figures which are increasing with little growth in India.

Those who support themselves to support the government and do not listen to anyone, because this disease is spreading rapidly, but the Government of India is taking action on such people very quickly.

In India, the Honorable Prime Minister is repeatedly saying that take care of social distancing, you will take care of social distancing as much as you will be healthy. Think about yourself and your family, so take care of social distancing. Together we will defeat this virus. We are all one people of India. Victory will be ours, we are with the country and people who are deliberately going out of the house.

They just remember that due to their stupidity, they will have to pay this price to their loved ones and if any log is found to be roaming outside at the time of don, then the police will be fully served by the lathis.

Coronavirus teaches us a lesson that never underestimates any disease. It can cause a big loss for us. 

Every hundred years there must be a disease. It is account incidence or we say every hundred years there is a unique disease that comes and harms the world.

Hundred years ago the same disease happens and kills millions of people all over the world the name of the disease is Spanish flu and it is similar to coronavirus. 

We don't know how long is coronavirus go but the thing that we know that one day there is no coronavirus all over the world.

People will definitely safe from this coronavirus. It is not a big deal in the future. People will definitely overcome the fear of coronavirus.

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