What is Content Marketing?

If you are a blogger then you will know the value of the contact. Every blogger knows that contact is king. Without content, its block will not be of any use, you can go to any corner of the world without knowledge, you will not get respect anywhere. All the knowledge you gain is a kind of content inside your brain in 1 way.

What is Content Marketing?

If I like to read the news, newspapers are also a form of content marketing. You must have seen the animation video, nowadays people like to watch the animation and it is most useful in marketing their product, telling your product through animation is called content marketing.

What is the type of content marketing?

1. Video:

Video is the best form of content in today's world we are watching the video and learned many things from it if you create video content you can get more intention as compared to written content. YouTube is the best example of video content. In this platform people share their content, in fact, I don't know to tell what you anything about YouTube we all know about YouTube and we all know that how could platform it is.

Video content is the best content you ever made. You can choose your career as a YouTuber because it is the best platform and it can change many persons' life. it can change many person life and you should be the next person so what are you waiting to start your YouTube channel now and earn money.

A 3-year-old kid starting a YouTube channel name Riyan Toy Review today is 7 years old and would you believe it he is the richest YouTuber in the world. He earns millions of dollars from YouTube and from here you know the power of YouTube never ever underestimate the power of YouTube it can change much personal life don't waste your precious time start your YouTube channel now

video is the best platform to learn anything for to know about anything and in today world a video content gets more intention that means your content is watched by millions or billions of people in all over the world soap create your content in the form of video yes it can take time to create video content but can stay forever and change any personal life.

2. Podcast:

Have you hear about podcasts it is a very popular word maybe you don't know about podcasts don't worry I tell you and if you know about podcasts then very good. A podcast is a type of recording your voice and saves it in a platform where your audience listens to your voice in the form of recording is called a podcast.

If you are a blogger then you know about the podcast. It is used by many bloggers to give extra features to the audience to read their blog easily in the form of music you don't need to read the article you can listen to the podcast and it will tell you what would we write in the post.

It is a great feature and I recommended the new blogger should implement this feature in their blog.  They can convert more audience by using this feature. Always implement the feature that is good for your audience and this podcast feature is is one of the best WordPress features you can also use it in blogger by telling the owner of your theme company.

3. E-Books:

E-books are the best way to promoting your content. We all know about an ebook and if you don't know what is the difference between a book and an ebook I can tell you.

The ebook is available in the form of PDF or MS word format or either KDP format. you can store your ebook on your mobile or either on a tablet or your laptop. If you are a reading lover you can store your content and your personal kindle.

You can write your ebook and start to earn money. It is the best way to earn money online if you are a student.  if you know anything you should write it in the form of PDF or MS Word. Now upload your ebook on Amazon Kindle it is the best platform to promote your book worldwide.

Millions of books are available on the Kindle platform where millions of people earn money so share your story and your knowledge in the form of Ebook and start earning money from home. It is the best way to earn money, especially for the students.

People earn millions of rupees from ebooks. You can also promote your ebook on other platforms like Google play store, Instamojo, Gumroad, and  2 checks out.

So what are you waiting to start writing your ebook and share your story with the whole world and if you are damn good who will be the richest author in the world like JK Rowling?

4. Comic:

Reading comics is the best part of our life. Kids reading comic very much. Reading comic is the best memory of our childhood and it is the best form of content marketing. In comic content is available in the form of funny cartoon pictures and some words.

The best example of comic content marketing is the avenger's endgame. All the characters of the Avengers series have come from the comic book and today we all know that avenger endgame is the most watching movie in theatres and it is the most earning movie of all time in the world.

So, if you have a talent to be a comic star and write comics by yourself then please do it yes I am talking to you. Yes, you will be the next billionaire by writing a famous comic just be creative stop thinking start doing because the process is more important than the result if you take the process then you should achieve your goals but you don't take process then you achieve nothing.


Memes are the best part of content marketing. Memes will entertain you and also send a message to everyone who reads meme. It is the world's best way to roast your competitor or make a laugh at anybody.

The best way to promote your content is in the form of memes. The best platform to share your memes is Instagram. There are a lot of peoples all over the world who earns millions of dollar from creating memes.

It is the world's best way to promote your content on any social media platform or either in your blog. So if you have got the talent to create one of the best memes regarding your content and your audience like it then you get fame and name that means you earn money.

6. Email:

Email marketing is the oldest and all-time most favorite way to promote your content. Every blogger knows about email marketing and they also know what is the value of email. For any professional work, the first preferences email everybody talking with an image every company has there unique email address. No matter if you want to connect with your customer the first preference is email.

Even the owner of Gmail Google sends their all as a message through email and the best part of this is Google sends millions of dollars message or maybe billions of dollars message through email. If you are doing affiliate marketing blogging then

If you are a blogger then you should know the art of writing an email. if you get a sponsor email then you should definitely know how to talk in email. As I say email marketing is the best source true convert your customer into sales. if you are a blogger email marketing is your first preference to connect with your audience while sharing your post.

7. Infographics:

Infographic is a form of animation that you see in many videos animation means like a cartoon. It is the latest and toughest part of content marketing I say it toughest because it takes a lot of time to create animation.

But if you are an expert and you know how to create infographics it can boost your video. It is the best way and the newest way to connect with your audience. When you use infographics in your video then the views in your video are always increasing.

No matter how good is your video if you are adding animation in your video then the views of your video are always increasing and if the views of your video are increasing that means your earning is also increasing and you can earn more money from sponsorship.

if you are a professional YouTuber and you have a business channel awesome storytelling channel then infographics are the best way to boost your watch time and your earning.

8. Blogging:

We all know what is blogging the people who read this post is also a blogger or trying to be a blogger. blogging is the best platform to share your knowledge with the whole world no matter which part of the world do you should live. starting a blog is very simple all you have to do it go to blogger.com and create your blog and share your knowledge with the whole world.

A blogger can earn more money as compared to YouTube because you can get up to $100 41 clicks on the blogger platform and in the case of YouTube lot of things can matter especially the ads that show on your video and most importantly it depends upon the number of views and how long is your video if you are videos long then your revenues are high.

If you are videos long and you get 50 thousand views you can only earn $50 to $60. Always remember one thing don't choose to blog for money because it is a slow process and it can take time to succeed. Many people start blogging for watching other persons and within a few months, they left their blog because they get no result.

Always remember to take time for at least one year to stand your blog and if you know the knowledge SEO and how to get backlinks from high domain authority sites then within 2 months you should ranking number one on Google and if you are ranking number one on Google for the high ranking keyword then you will be the next billionaire.

You must have known also what is the value of content marketing. If you come to contact marketing then you can easily earn money sitting at home. For example, if you have any kind of knowledge and want to share it with other people, then you can start a blog of your own, and if you are fond of writing more than you can write your own e-book from home. And sell it on Amazon.

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